Every Day is Purple Day


Though Purple Day is officially observed on December 1, we celebrate our Sims all year long. As you remember Sims, take a moment to think about ways that our love for Sims connects us with each other. That’s what lasts.

Purple Day gives us a chance to celebrate the digital lives of all those Sims we’ve known and loved who have made the great transition after being reaped by the Grim Reaper. Maybe their ghosts still visit each night, or maybe the ghosts themselves have been culled by the game, and not even their names are left on their tombstones, but either way, those Sims–and the joy and energy they shared with us–live on in our memories, our love, and our laughter, and in the very make-up of who we are.

What is Purple Day?

Officially held on December 1, and observed all year long, Purple Day happens whenever Simmers remember their Sims who’ve met the Grim Reaper, from the original Sims all the way through to Sims 4 Sims. For the conversation that started this whole thing, see Remembering Our Sims.

Why is it called Purple Day?

When Cathy Tea was saying goodbye to one of her favorite Sims of all time, Aspen Bough, she noticed that right as Aspen lay down, this purple light, like an aurora borealis, rose up from her. “That’s the spirit,” Cathy thought. From this came the post, “Purple Is My Favorite Color,” which is told from the perspective of Aspen’s daughter, Sugar Maple Bough.

Watch next time Grim comes for one of your Sims–you will see this beautiful purple light rise from your Sim, the strong spirit of that Sim. And sometimes, the light will be so strong that it lights the entire sky! Or maybe it will shine like a rainbow.

We call it Purple Day out of respect for that part of our Sims we will never forget–the patterns and memories that we carry within us.

How do we celebrate?

There are so many ways to celebrate Purple Day! Here are just a few:

  • Wear purple!
  • Post the Purple Day logo on your blog, Simblr, or Twitter, and link back here!
  • Write a post on your blog and tag it #PurpleDaySims
  • Tweet memories of Sims and tag them  #PurpleDaySims
  • Share photo of Sims!
  • Look through old posts for Sims you’d like to remember.
  • Take a moment to simply remember–in joy–all the feelings and insights and wonderfulness that each of these Sims shared with you.
  • Take a moment of gratitude: we are so fortunate to have computers, the Internet, our friendships, our Sims, EA programmers, developers and designers to create this game we love. We have so much! Vadish!
  • Let us know of the ways you are celebrating, and we’ll add links to your stories and celebrations here.

9 thoughts on “Every Day is Purple Day

    • I was so glad Caitlin came up with the idea, and I feel so grateful we can work on it together! I really hope that it provides a way for all Simmers, TS1 and on, to honor their feelings for their Sims. It’s not trivial, what our Sims are to us, and what they teach us about love and compassion!

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